Friday, February 29, 2008

I got what I expected....

Artists Bobbi Becker, Gregory Bartlet and Lacey Jane Roberts.

So, I went to the ACC last week and saw all the wonderful crafts a girl could ever wish to see. What I didn't expect was to see something like this! Imagine how thrilled I was when I came upon this unexpected installation by San Franciscan artist Lacey Jane Roberts. My friends and I were blow away by the magnitude and creativity of this knitted masterpiece entitled "We Couldn't Get In. We Couldn't Get Out." More and better images of Lacey Jane's work can be seen on her website. Be sure to check out her knitted graffiti tags while you're there!


******************************* said...

Wasn't the ACC fun?! Did you see the little bird dioramas just inside the door? so pretty!!

I'm headed out to San Fran next month, so hopefully I'll get to see some sweet stuff around town! Perhaps put up some felt tagging of my own? Baltimore skylines perhaps??

jenygwen said...

it was so inspiring!